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Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN Driver

Asus N61VN Notebook Intel WiMAX WLAN Driver for Win7. M Asus UL50VS Notebook Intel WiMAX WLAN Driver for Win7. M1NER> i3 M/4//DVD-RW/GTM/WiFi/BT/Win7HP/"/ кг PHK0X T / " /Radeon HD /3 GB / /WiMax/ Vista Home UL50V 90NXBARDCB3AY SU///"/NV A4 M/4//DVD-RW/HDM/WiFi/BT/Win8/"/ кг. мАчmbpsc Oxygen50мп MiniWW XpressMusici Ultimate XpressMusic

New Drivers: Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN

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Supported systems: Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
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Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN Driver

On the contrary, the longer you play around with the laptop, the higher your satisfaction levels will get in this regard.

Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN Windows 7 64-BIT

Details about the case can also be found in our test of the previous machine from which is identically constructed. The keyboard still has LED backlighting, whose brightness can be set to many different levels much like the screen brightness. Compared to the inch Air, you will see almost Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN same layout and key size.

Only the row of F keys and the additional functions placed there display brightness, volume, etc The starting level is a iM CPU with a base speed of 1. The chip is somewhat slower than the iM CPU 1.

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Just like with the larger model, there is an option to upgrade to the iM with 1. But here too, Apple differentiates between a version with MB and one with MB of shared memory. Therefore in the 2 GB starting version firmly soldered down, not upgradable! But this does not change anything about the graphics unit itself.

A large graphics memory is generally necessary or advantageous for games or a multi-monitor set-up. With our usual settings in Windows, the Air lays down good foundations for its battery life with Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN energy consumption of only 6. As usual, MacOS does this a little better; we measured from 4. With heavy use, the energy consumption was again higher in Windows at Apple's latest Air 13 performed at a very similar level in this test, with only minor differences.

ASUS V Drivers - VGA_nVidia_WIN7_64_zip Download - DriversGuru

In the smaller inch case there is only space for a lithium polymer battery with a 35 Wh capacity. In the inch model, in comparison, a 50 Wh battery is used. We will start with our standardized battery life tests running Boot Camp Windows:.

In the Battery Eater Reader's test, which represents the maximum battery life you can expect minimum screen brightness — level 2, wireless module off, energy-saving profile, keyboard backlighting offthe laptop reached minutes, i. This roughly matches the result of the predecessor from in this same test.

Asus UL30A Notebook Intel WiMax 5150 WLAN Driver

Acer Aspire TimelineX AST battery The Air 13 from was somewhat more mobile with around 7 hours of battery life, but this is simply down to the larger battery more than anything else. In the Classic test, so under stress and with all energy-hungry features activated, the battery lasts only 79 minutes.

A more realistic surfing scenario in Windows with maximum display brightness gave a time of around minutes, i. So much for the statistics, but the central question will always be how well it runs in MacOS.

Intel® WiMAX/WiFi Link 5150

In our improvised reading test repeated calling up of a text document via a web browser at intervals of a minute, with minimum display brightness — level 2 the MacBook Air 11 lasted a full minutes, which is a lead of around 2 hours compared to the Windows test, despite the Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN WLAN module. Finally, it also lasted minutes in the realistic surfing mixture test with maximum screen brightness, which at four and a half hours is longer than in Windows.

The latest Air 13 also lasts almost half an hour longer online here, but the Core 2 Duo predecessor from trails behind 3.

Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN Drivers Windows

As far as Apple is concerned, the widely heralded ultrabooks are welcome to come, because Apple is already well equipped in this area. The MacBook Air 11 essentially shares all the strengths and weaknesses of its inch colleague.

Acer Aspire TimelineX AST battery The unibody case is superior beyond all doubt, while the first-class input devices are genuinely fun to use even intensively ; particularly the perfected touchpad, though it is a little slimmer than on the inch model. While other manufacturers unreservedly promote the use of processors from Intel's standard Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN 35 W TDP because of their high performance, Apple has put together an almost perfect ULV-SSD bundle for these slimmer-than-ever Airs, one that can outshine everyone in the system benchmarks other than a handful of workstations and gaming hot-shots.

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Added to all this is a fundamental advantage of ULV technology, which is often overlooked: And the icing on the cake: Thank you — no further questions. When only the price is considered, the N75SF might not seem particularly attractive. As soon as you start to study the list of equipment, it soon Asus UL50VS Intel 5150 WiMAX WLAN clear why Asus is demanding an above-average amount of money.

Naturally, a new Sandy Bridge processor model from Intel is used. The display has a resolution of either x or x pixels. The N75SF looks a bit bulky when it's closed.

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