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Amrel Systems PD 35-2A Driver

Debug the system by communicating with the power supply in real time. .. currents from A to A. Ripple can be as . AMREL PD Series Linear Power Supplies .. XPF PD 1. PD Contact Telewave today at and discuss your system requirements with Solid Service, Solid Value PIRod, Inc. P.D Box Plymouth, Indiana Zetnon Mobile data terminals Amrel Systems Auto-Co mm Engineering CES IL Data Express Monarch Si Garden Grove, CA. Contact Telewave today at and discuss your system requirements with Solid Service, Solid Value PIRod, Inc. P.D Box Plymouth, Indiana Zetnon Mobile data terminals Amrel Systems Auto-Co mm Engineering CES IL Data Express Monarch Si Garden Grove, CA.

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Amrel Systems PD 35-2A Driver

This is an important specification for many applications. When the output current demand decreases or increases significantly over a short period of time, the output voltage may also decrease or increase significantly.

The power supply s internal voltage control-loop will try to keep the output at the set voltage, but the response is not instantaneous 12 Article Considerations When Specifying a DC Power Supply To get a faster transient response, you sometimes have to settle for more ripple and noise. Within Amrel Systems PD 35-2A programmable power supply, the tradeoff is between the internal voltage control-loop and the output filter. A large output filter will limit the ripple and Amrel Systems PD 35-2A, but will make the supply slower to react to fast changing loads.

A very fast internal voltage control loop will shorten transient response times, but may cause overshoot or undershoot, which may damage the Device Under Test DUT. Volts Current 0. And recover within 0.

Amrel Systems PD 35-2A Drivers PC

A typical application example where transient response is important is mobile phone testing. In this application, the DC power supply simulates the mobile phone s internal battery. When it begins to transmit, the current rise is very quick.

Table of Contents. Product Guide. AC & DC Programmable Power Supplies Catalog. Rev 4.0 VerC 04/14/

This is not a problem for the internal phone battery, but for a programmable switching supply, it is a more Amrel Systems PD 35-2A task. For this application, a linear supply would be a better choice than a switching supply because the power requirements are low, and the transient response of a linear supply is, in general, better than a switching supply.

Testing automotive relays and fuses is, however, another matter. For this application, the programmable DC power supplies must provide high currents at voltages up to 30 VDC, Amrel Systems PD 35-2A typically, the power required is 5 kw to 10 kw. In this test, a large DC output voltage overshoot could damage the relay or fuse. To prevent this from happening, you want a supply that will control the DC output current instantaneously from zero to maximum output or from maximum to zero output.

A practical technique to limit overshoot and undershoot is to use a pre-load. Putting a pre-load in parallel with the DUT and the DC output of the programmable power supply will now limit the percent current change, causing the DC voltage over- and undershoots to be significantly less. A simple inexpensive resistive load can be used in this case to function as a pre-load.

Any ratio is fine. This makes using pre-load a much cheaper and more practical approach than specialized power supply sub-systems for Amrel Systems PD 35-2A specific application.

To improve ripple and Amrel Systems PD 35-2A specifications, DC programmable power supplies have output filters that use large capacitors that store a lot of energy. It s mainly the charge and discharge time of this filter, combined with the current demand of the DUT, that determine a supply s voltage slew rate.

Amrel Systems PD 35-2A Driver for Windows Mac

The voltage slew rate is mostly independent of the connected DUT. It is the DC output fall Amrel Systems PD 35-2A that you must consider. If the current draw through the DUT is relatively low compared with the power supply current capacity, it can take many seconds before the energy stored in the output capacitors leaks away through the DUT.

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Nevertheless, in most cases the DC output fall-time will be two to three times slower than the DC output rise time. One way to improve the DC output rise time is to choose a programmable power supply with a higher DC output range.

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The reason Amrel Systems PD 35-2A this is that the output capacitor for the 60 VDC supply will be much smaller than the output capacitor for the 30 VDC programmable supply. This is to allow the voltage to rise from 0 V to full scale in the same amount of time for both supplies. This approach requires more power from the supply as more DC output voltage range is required with the same output current demand.

Faster current slew-rates are possible by putting an Amrel Systems PD 35-2A load in series with the power supply and using the electronic load as a current modulator.

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Amrel Systems PD 35-2A Regulation Another important specification of programmable power supplies is load regulation. This means some percent output voltage change from its set-point due to a change in the current demand of the DUT. Normally this effect should be very small less then 0. Parallel Operation If you need more output current than a single supply can provide, paralleling power supply outputs is generally the solution.

The benefit of this dedicated bus is that the total Amrel Systems PD 35-2A of the units in parallel still meets the original specifications for just one single power supply.


The system configures itself automatically, identifying which unit is the master Amrel Systems PD 35-2A which units are the slaves. With fast transient DUT s it is sometimes recommended to use protection blocking diodes in the positive output line of each power supply. When paralleling supplies in this way, you can use supplies that have different current ranges, but all of the supplies should have the same output voltage range.

All manual or remote control is done through the master unit. Any sense lines are connected only to the master unit. Realize that the total current is the sum of Amrel Systems PD 35-2A current values displayed on each individual power supply.

Amrel Systems PD 35-2A Drivers for PC

Some advanced models, such as the Sorensen SGI Series can compute and display the total system current.

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